For over 60 years Tupperware has been designing products that help simplify people's lives. Saving time and money for the consumer by helping to keep food fresh has always been one of Tupperware's most important goals. Today Tupperware offers products for storing food, food preparation, cookware, storage, and serving items.

But our passion is to Enlighten, Educate, and Empower women and their families.


For our independent sales force Enlighten Educate Empower

Foster personal enrichment through the potential to change lives by sharing our opportunity and solutions

Offer a business opportunity featuring the support systems and training that create a clear path to unlimited earnings.

Maximize the potential for our sales force to attain financial and personal freedom and offer this opportunity to others.

For our customers

Share insights and provide products and knowledge that make life simpler and more enjoyable for families.

Provide smart, simple solutions that enable customers to save time, money, and effort while leading active, healthy lives.

Promote secure and joyful living by maximizing the ease and quality of daily life.